Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Developing "Java Verified" Applications since 2005

Mobile end-users, wireless network operators and mobile device manufacturers around the world trust the Java Verified Program to identify the highest quality mobile Java technology applications. Nokia's new App platform OVI Store might require Java Verified signature to accept applications.

Developer of the world's first JavaVerified m-betting application Bilyoner.com and world's first Java Verified m-banking application ISCEP, Pozitron is a pioneer in the industry developing JavaVerified applications since August 2005. The level of quality is defined by the Unified Testing Initiative (UTI) which consists of companies such as Nokia, Motorola, LG, Vodafone, Orange, Sony Ericsson and Samsung.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Endeavor Entrepreneurs Summit 2009 in Miami

As a selected high impact company, Pozitron attended the 2009 Endeavor Entrepreneurs Summit in Miami, Florida. This year Endeavor's world class network of entrepreneurs, Venture Corps and board members spanning four continents united in celebration of the Endeavor model. The theme of the event was "opportunity in crisis" where Endeavor people from all around the world discussed the possibility to create opportunities in a time of crisis.

The invitation only event reflected Endeavor's extended network and a range of issues relevant to High Impact Entrepreneurs, focusing on the current economic downturn and future opportunities.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pozitron attends BlackBerry's WES 2009 in Orlando

ES (Wireless Enterprise Summit) is the premier event for anyone using BlackBerry technology today and an important part of any strategy to address today's economic climate.

As a solution provider plus for RIM's BlackBerry, Pozitron attended the WES and the partners Alliance Summit organised in May 4, 2009.

WES brought wireless visionaries, leaders and enthusiasts together from around the world for a common purpose: to explore what's new and learn the best ways to integrate new wireless technologies.