Thursday, May 27, 2010

Joining TUBİSAD Network

Fatih İsbecer, CEO of Pozitron,is now a member of TUBISAD, a supportive cooperation for companies in the IT and telecommunications sector in Turkey.

TUBISAD is an organisation with more than 200 active company members, 30 Billion dollars of transaction volume and has a market share of   95% of the sector.
The aim of the corporation is to maintain a sustainable development in the IT sector in Turkey.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blackberry Case Study published showcasing Is Bank's mobile banking app ISCEP

ISCEP’s application-based Integrated Mobile Banking (IMB) technology developed by Pozitron has been published as a case study on the Blackberry website!
Blackberry publishes the most successful enterprise solutions for CRM which increases overall productivity and improves customer service as success stories as model examples to others in the growing sector.

ISCEP has satisfied the need for a new and innovative mobile solution that would provide a quick, easy interface for the bank’s customers, no matter which mobile operator they subscribed to.

Pozitron’s İSCEP provides İşbank customers with enhanced customer service and satisfaction. It is easy to use and has high security for the protection of customer data. ISCEP is available in all kinds of platforms.
Please view the IsBank Case Study to discover more about this exciting application.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pozitron at Eğitişim Institute Certificate Programme

Pozitron CEO Fatih İşbecer has given a lecture in certificate programming in the “Being the Leader in the Digital World”organised by the Eğitişim Career Institute in May.

The aim of this programme is to explain to the attendees about the stages of becoming a successful entrepreneur in the online world, details about e-commerce models and the effective use of search engines.
Fatih İşbecer gave information about Virtual Office techniques, issues about law, domain & hosting, patents, design and development to the many attendees.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Vodafone Around Me? Will Help You Anywhere!

Vodafone's Around Me App is updated an improved!! Are you looking for the nearest ATM, or a restaurant for a delicious meal on the beautiful Bosphorus? Maybe you need to find a hospital nearby quickly?

Don't worry; just launch the "Vodafone Etrafımda Ne Var?" App and select your point of interest. The locations around you will then be conveniently listed from closest to furthest.
At the first screen select the point of interest category. The locations will be listed from closest to furthest.

You can see the location via a map and even make a direct call! You can also spot the locations on a map, display the route that shows how to get there.The application is available in all platforms.

All possible thanks to the Vodafone "Etrafımda Ne Var?" application.