Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New AppWorld Release: BKM Closest ATM

Pozitron has released the BKM application for BlackBerry in App World.

RIM (Research in Motion) AppWorld is a platform providing Blackberry users with a great variety of applications worldwide.

The Interbank Card Center (BKM) has partnerships with 13 public and private Turkish banks for the purpose of providing solutions to common problems and developing the rules and standards of credit and debit cards in Turkey, within the card payment system.

Pozitron's BKM application is one of the pioneering applications in which App World creates great value for its customers!
You can find every ATM no matter where you may be.
Other helpful features include;
- BKM App also finds ATMs based on province/district by ATM Search option.
- Displays the ATMs on the map.
- You can search either by all the banks ATMs or specific banks ATMs. Filter by bank option enabled.
- You can view the full ATM address and details of it

Download BKM Closest ATM app to your phone.

ING Bank iKonut is Here!

Mortgage calculations can now be with you anytime you want. iKonut application developed by Pozitron for iPhone will help to make your life easier and free up to more time for you.
Mortgage Metre helps you to calculate monthly payments and term sliders and calculate your Mortgage. You can also follow campaigns and make an appointment at the nearest branch easily. In addition to all this the  Mortgage calculator can be used in the following manners;

- As a currency converter
- To view Web TV
- As an ING Mortgage Barometer

Download ING Bank iKonut app for an easy, fuss-free download which could potentially save you 100's and 100's each and every month.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pozitron Invited to Turkish Embassy Lunch

Pozitron was invited to an Embassy Lunch by Washington Ambassador Namık Tan after the US Presidential Summit. All the Turkish attendees of the US Presidential Summit 2010 including Fatih İşbecer, Bülent Çelebi and Nevzat Aydın gathered on April, 29 2010 at the Turkish Embassy.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pozitron at Işık University - Galatasaray University Conferences

Pozitron attended conferences both at Işık University and Galatasaray University in April. Students who were eager to learn about the rapidly developing mobile world and entrepreneurship listened to various company officials presentations including from Pozitron. They gained valuable insights about the mobile sector and the specific recruitment processes from company presenters.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pozitron at Presidential Entrepreneurial Summit Hosted by US President Barack Obama

Pozitron CEO Fatih İşbecer recently visited US President Barack Obama at the Presidential Entrepreneurial Summit in Washington D.C., USA.
Five Turkish entrepreneurs reflecting diverse businesses from food delivery to high tech industry leaders were selected to participate in the US Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship. The Summit is a global initiative launched by President Obama in Cairo in June 2009 and the Summit initiative got underway in Washington, D.C. in April 2010. 
With attendance by the US President Barack Obama, various Cabinet Secretaries and other senior U.S. Government officials, this Summit highlights the importance of entrepreneurship in fostering economic opportunity and community development throughout the world.

Pozitron has honoured to have been given such a prestigious oppurtunity to attend the US Presidential Entrepreneurial Summit in 2010.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pozitron at Bilkent Leadership Forum

A leadership forum organised on 16-17-18th of April, 2010 at the Rixos Grand Hotel, gathered leaders from the business, politics, education and the art worlds with young leading university students.
The Leadership Forum 2010 was a very successful event in which the leadership concept was explained in detail, as the quality of the organization and presenters with fascinating backgrounds and success stories was well employed throughout the forum.
The topic of the 2010 forum was to provide a brief introduction to university students to therapidly evolving, business world. Fatih İşbecer, founder and CEO of Pozitron, shared his personal experiences and corporal difficulties when he was in the process of founding Pozitron with hundreds of young university students.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pozitron Gets Best Client App Award from Turkcell

Turkcell is the biggest telecommunication company in Turkey. Awards were given in ten different categories to their deserving business partners at the awards night. Many top- level managers from accross the Turkish market participated and networked on the night.

Pozitron was awarded the Best Client Application Award within theTurkcell Partnership network at the Radisson SAS Bosphorus Hotel on April, 7th 2009.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

THY & ISCEP Introduced on Ovi Store!

İŞCEP, a mobile banking application, was launched as the first Turkish banking application in the Ovi Store! As a result, the online banking experience is now much faster and easier for İşbank customers. You can create your OTP by CepAnahtar or directly use İŞCEP for your safe banking transactions.

Nokia’s Ovi Store reaches millions of users globally within many different service areas. THY & ISCEP are available in the Ovi Store and have become pioneering applications in Turkey. THY had more than 30,000 downloads at the first week of its release!
Already available on Nokia devices, the THY& ISCEP applications will see much more usage and downloads through this new affiliation with the Ovi Store.

With the  THY Mobile Application, you can;
· Purchase Tickets
· Online Check-in
· Make flight reservations
· See flight schedules
· Track your cargo
· Miles& Smiles check

Buying airlines tickets is now much easier, and you can do much more,too. Download the applications from Ovi Store quick and easily from here: