Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pozitron Meets UCI Students at Hyatt Hotel

Pozitron attended a panel on Entrepreneurship - with the visiting school University of California: Irvine and ISP.  ISP is an academic service provider organizing short-term academic programs throughout the world for business schools and universities.

MBA students from the University of California, Irvine (, travelled to Istanbul and in March 2009 and they came together with Pozitron at the Hyatt Hotel. The group was highly interested in learning more about doing business in Turkey from the perspective of a successful Turkish entrepreneup and Pozitron provided them with some information and insights by presenting the company’s story to this delegation.

Their aim for this trip is to learn more about how business is conducted in these two countries by attending presentations, visiting companies from different sectors and meeting with senior managers.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pozitron at Koç University Career Days

During Career Days at Koç University students listened to company presentations and meet the company officials to discuss career related opportunities, mainly interested in jobs, special recruitment programs and/or internships. Pozitron was at Koç University Career Days in March, 2010 to provide students a chance to have real business life experience.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Get Your OTP via ŞekerŞifre!

Şeker Mobil Şifre application has been launched and developed for Şekerbank customers with Pozitron’s SoftKEY technology. Pozitron's SoftKEY is a second factor authentication security solution for enterprises such as Banks. The OTP (One Time Password) mobile application, also developed by Pozitron, is also made compatible with many mobile platforms.
In Two-Factor Authentication, users are required to provide a unique One-Time Password (OTP) in addition to their current first factor authentication (Username and Password) upon login.
Şekerbank customers can create one time passwords as a second factor authentication and as a safety tool for internet and telephone banking.
The Şeker Şifre application is supported by all kinds of mobile phones. Download the application today to your mobile phone for free!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Safer Banking with Ceparola Fortis

Ceparola OTP application has been launched. Ceparola is developed by Pozitron’s SoftKEY technology for Fortisbank customers. With this application, all the transactions you make within internet and/or telephone banking will be now much more safe and secure!
Ceparola is a security application used for internet banking to produce one time passwords applied for safe login. After you download the application, everything will be unique to your own personal use and passwords will not be available for second use.
You can download the application to your phone and create one time passwords instantly! The Fortis Ceparola application can be used for free on all kinds of mobile phones supported by Java including iPhone and BlackBerry mobile phones.

Download and take advantage of this excellent, free Ceparola Fortis application through the iTunes Store.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pozitron becomes an Elite Member of the BlackBerry Alliance program

BlackBerry Alliance Elite Members are technology and brand leaders that ensure BlackBerry continues to  adopt and foster innovation as well as channelling   opportunities.

BlackBerry Alliance Elite Members get priority access to pre-release BlackBerry  Smartphones, the highest priority access to marketing on various online BlackBerry resources, co-operative marketing activities with RIM and Sales support from RIM on customer engagements.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pozitron Attends GİFOR Panel by İTÜ

Pozitron sponsored and spoke at the recently held Entrepreneurship Conference organized by the Entrepreneurship Club of Istanbul Technical University (ITU).
Fatih İşbecer, CEO of Pozitron attented the GİFOR Panel as a guest speaker in March 2010 at the Maçka İTU Campus. There he explained new directions in entrepreneurship and shared his experiences with young university students who are tomorrows entrepreneurs, both in Turkey and throughout the world.
GİFOR Panel is a platform organised by the ITU Entrepreneurship Club in the hope of gathering businesspeopleto show useful and effective roadmaps to becoming a successful entrepreneur for enthusiastic students and sharing their valuable experiences withparticipating university students.