Wednesday, November 25, 2009

IsCEP gets best Finance Application Award

Informatics Associations of Turkey (IAT) has been established in 1971 and currently have reached to five thousand members. IAT which is the oldest ICT association, is also the only institution in Turkey, which intends to embrace all information systems professionals as well as those other professionals who benefit from and associate themselves with information systems in any manner when performing their respective professions.

In its recent General Assembly held between 18-20 November in ANKARA, Turkey's ISBANK's İŞCEP application was chosen as the best Financial Application of the year.


  1. işcep aplication is not work my telephone. Huawei v840 (Validation fails, the message is not loaded)

  2. GenuineButGruntledIsbankCustomerApril 20, 2012 at 3:00 AM

    I am glad that you got an award from IAT (ex-accountants-turned-IT geriatrics); I am also glad to see you overjoyed too.

    Now, if only you had done some real usability tests on real users.. you might, then, be surprised at the kind of reward (or the lack thereof) you'd get.

    The SW you guys produce may be safe and secure (I haven't tested), but it is a pain to use: I am referring to the GUI, of course.

    Here is what I mean:

    Hoping that you guys would --after all you've been doing it all these years-- finally figure out how to use larger screens better, I have purchased larger and larger phones; and guess what: your SW is as bad as it was on the small screens.

    Here is what I mean:

    I've got 2 menu items on my entry screen, namely, 'IsCep' and 'Cep Anahtar'.. And, you guys still manage to make them practically unusable.

    They are way too narrow..

    A few narrow stripes occupying 10-20 % of the screen --meaning the rest 80-90 % of the screen is empty.

    I have no idea why you insist on this: It would be much more usable if you made those damn menu options into buttons occupying all (most) of the available space.

    Similarly, (referring to Cep Anahtar) why do I have to suffer with that solid 8-digit number block?

    Why can't you guys format it into 4 2-digit blocks.

    Or, if you think some users will be confused by spaced between, then, why not color each of those 2-digits differently?

    Make those digits large too.

    Now, on 'IsCep'..

    Well.. Even though I have been a Previa customer with Isbank for quite a number of years, I have never used 'IsCep' and the reason is simple: Much like above, your GUI doesn't make life easy at all.

    The only time I would use IsCep would be would be when all else fails --thankfully I have never been that desperate.

    And, BTW, I wonder which genius came up with the idea that your users should waste even more time waiting for that downward sliding 'Is Bankasi' logo on the startup logo?

    Even the script kiddies don't do that sort of thing anymore --IsCep users certainly don't need to waste time watching 2 skyscrapers being scraped with their banks logo.

    Please get rid of it.