Friday, May 21, 2010

Vodafone Around Me? Will Help You Anywhere!

Vodafone's Around Me App is updated an improved!! Are you looking for the nearest ATM, or a restaurant for a delicious meal on the beautiful Bosphorus? Maybe you need to find a hospital nearby quickly?

Don't worry; just launch the "Vodafone Etrafımda Ne Var?" App and select your point of interest. The locations around you will then be conveniently listed from closest to furthest.
At the first screen select the point of interest category. The locations will be listed from closest to furthest.

You can see the location via a map and even make a direct call! You can also spot the locations on a map, display the route that shows how to get there.The application is available in all platforms.

All possible thanks to the Vodafone "Etrafımda Ne Var?" application.

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