Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our SFA platform wins “Best Process Optimization” title at the BNP Paris Innovation Awards !

Innovation forms part of BNP Paribas' brand values, and every year the group celebrates this by making a number of Innovation Awards.

BNP Paribas promotes Responsible Innovation – innovation which results in genuine progress in the medium and longer term, both within the company and for the wider environment. Accordingly, in the 2010 series of Awards BNP Paribas has placed more emphasis on innovative activities with a bearing on corporate, social and environmental responsibility.

The winners in BNP Paribas Group’s 2010 series of Innovation Awards have been chosen from over 217 entries. In total, 24 Innovation Awards were presented to recipients in six countries by the end of October.

Pozitron's SFA solution was launched in March 2009 for Fortis Bank Turkey and in April for TEB accepting credit card applications via Blackberry devices instead of printed forms. This process is a cost-effective and time-efficient mobile solution that enables the sales team to identify and service prospective clients easily, while maintaining its focus on quality and speed. Through the blackberry devices, the application sends to the system immediately rather than waiting for courier delivery.

Among finalists, Pozitron's SFA Solution was rewarded in "Process Optimization" category on credit card direct sales via Blackberry devices (Corporate innovation) developed for Fortis Bank Turkey & TEB. You can view the Press Release.

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