Saturday, July 23, 2011

TTNET WiFi is powered by Pozitron to bring Internet everywhere!

TTNET provides thousands of WiFi Hotspots in 81 cities in Turkey but how will you know where they are located when you are out on the street? Now, with the help of Pozitron these WiFi Hotspots are more accessible than ever! Using Pozitron's "TTNET WiFi Nerede" application, you can easily spot the nearest locations with WiFi from your cell phone as well as locating TTNET shops.

With this app you can find the closest coffee shop in WiFi connection in seconds and will be sipping your latte and checking your emails in minutes. You can also share this WiFi spot with your friends via social networking sites and create the opportunity to get together and catch up with them.

One of the most loved features of this application is the ability to query your WiFi minutes rapidly and add more minutes as needed. If desired, you can obtain information about current TTNET campaigns and provide feedback or complaints.

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