Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ProDG Won International Business Awards 2011 in ‘Applications and Interactive Media/Sales’ Category

International Business Awards, also known as the Stevie Awards, aim to generate public recognition of the success and contributions of organizations and business professionals. IBA accepts applications from anywhere in the world and offers awards in dozens of different categories for successful companies. Glaxo Smith Kline won this prestigious award in "Applications and Interactive Media/Sales" category.

GSK partnered with Turkey’s mobile market leader Pozitron to develop award-winning ProDG. ProDG enables medical representatives to do quick visual analysis on-the-go and perform CLM activities and acquire information about their customers, including their schedules. Physicians’ heightened attention and the prestige acquired by using such an innovated product are among the benefits of ProDG. By being in constant synchronization with the main system, ProDG cuts the time spent in office and ensures more time for doctor visits. By eliminating the need for paper brochures, iPad usage reduces costs while creating an eco-friendly work environment. As an exceptional CLM product the International Stevie was well-deserved for ProDG.

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