Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pozitron Designers at ISType

This year’s ISType was truly an international and exceptional experience for the attendees. Other than it being a huge step forward from the first event last year, it also hosted many prominent figures from Graphic Design and Typography society.

ISType started out as a small type seminar last year in September. It was organized by Onur Yazicigil, Typography faculty member at Sabanci University, and Alessandro Segalini, VCD faculty member at Izmir University of Economics. Pozitron was represented at the event by two of our UI Design Team members, Arda Erdogan and Isil Uzum.

The keynote speaker, Ellen Lupton’s presentation, moved most of the attendees by its humor and fun approach to the subjects that bother the Graphic Design professionals all around the world.

Another famous keynote speaker was David Lemon, the Senior Manager of Type Development at Adobe Systems. David Lemon’s speech gave us insight on the developer of our essential and favorite software applications, Adobe Systems.

Other highlights include, Adam Twardoch, who showed us many practical tricks on web typography using CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript and Bruno Maag, famous designer who was asked by Nokia to design its new typeface primarily for use in mobile devices.

Arda Erdogan

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