Monday, October 10, 2011

Turkey's Mobile Banking Platform

The number of mobile banking users in Turkey has reached 1 million in 2011. These users performed almost 1.5 million financial and 2.5 million non financial transactions from March '11 to July '11. The monthly transaction volume on mobile banking platform has reached 500 million Turkish Liras and expected to increase gradually. Investment transactions are the most frequent activity with the highest transaction volume. In three months approximately 150,000 investment transactions were performed and the volume of these transactions were nearly 850million TL.

Currently there are 11 banks with mobile banking applications in Turkey and 5 of them chose to work with Pozitron. Till today, 50 million secure transactions have been actualized using Pozitron technology. Our banking applications are not only limited to performing financial transactions. User can also benefit from features like ATM locators, deal finders, mortgage and loan calculators.

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