Friday, December 2, 2011

Turkey's Biggest e-Commerce site, HepsiBurada, has just entered Mobile World

Established in 1998, HepsiBurada is Turkey's largest e-Commerce website with 13 million monthly visitors. As the name of the website entails, the site contains over 360,000 products in 35 different categories. Over 20,000 products are sold on the website on a daily basis.

Now with the mobile launch, the busy traffic of the website is going to grow significantly. Moving into the pockets of numerous users, HepsiBurada has just became the easiest mall to shop and compare prices. The simple design and easy navigation of the application improves the user experience while offering unique features like bar-code scanning and filtering options. To make campaigns and popular products more visible, the application is designed in a way that users can instantly go to product or campaign page simply clicking on the banner.

Integrated with social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, HepsiBurada app enables shoppers to share the good deals with others right away. It's also extremely easy to read user reviews and contact the company if needed. Having the highest customer number in e-Commerce, HepsiBurada will move to top of the mobile world soon.


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