Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pozitron Team's Top Picks

We make apps, all day, every day. If you would like to know which apps we like to use, here is a peek at Pozitron team's smartphones:

"Flipboard, Flipboard, Flipboard!"
Not just one of the apps of the month but the must-have app for our team. Flipboard is one of the easiest ways to access news and social media content and we definitely love it when apps make our lives easier. Beautiful and personalized, Flipboard is the best way to stay on top of topics you care about.

A full featured photo editor that not only lets you edit photos but also share them and create beautiful collages. Especially liked by our design team, Photogene² is a like a "mini photoshop" for your phone.

A useful app for booking space or renting your own apartment/house. Great visuals to make your selection easier and faster. Enriched with calendar and communication tools, AirBnb is a great tool for travelers.

The artificial intelligence tool for Android. Locale manages your setting automatically, going silent mode at work and even changing the background image!

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