Thursday, September 13, 2012

Digital Health Summit

by Tanya Neseliler

The first Digital Health Summit of Turkey has taken place at September 11-12 at the Sabancı “Seed” hall and hundereds of people from diverse backgrounds have attended the event. The conference has focused on the importance of multichannel marketing, patients and doctor’ experience with the digital platforms,regulations, social media and of course intergration of digital- especially mobile- technologies in pharma and health marketing. In this event, Pozitron’s founder and CEO, Fatih İşbecer, has informed the audience regarding the digitalization of the health industry with a focus on mobile applications. Many other presenters has pointed the importance of mobile tools for effective sales and marketing, as well as regulation methologies. In this conference we experienced that the health sector is indeed evolving and becoming more digital- and digital is shifting to mobile.

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